2015 Phoenix Fantasy Flight SNAPSHOT
The Phoenix United Airlines Fantasy Flight has flown and operated successfully since 1995.

  • 2320 Children have flown to the North Pole, and visited a Christmas Wonderland.
  • $57,416 Donated to schools for educational computers, and learning programs.

    The following is a breakdown of our donations, expenses, food, toys and support.

  • SCHOOL DONATIONS: ($20,916) Concordia Elementary School; Mesa Art Academy: LaMacita; and Step Up Schools.
  • FUNDRAISING EXPENSES: ($2,817) My Wine Cellar fundraiser, posters and flyers.
  • FOOD for United Fantasy Flight: ($1,778) children’s meals, thank you luncheon, decoration meals and cookies.
  • TOYS and DECORATIONS for United Fantasy Flight: ($1,361) toys, bags, backpacks, children t-shirts, and trees.
  • ADMINISTRATION: ($607) website update, flyers, thank you post cards and mailings.
  • ENTERTAINMENT for United Fantasy Flight: ($144) Frozen singers, disc jockey, face painters and balloons.

    $30,138 Generated in donations and grants from United Airlines, Alliant Credit Union, EBAY, Azures, Clipped Wings, Lions Club, Word for Word Printing, CA One, EJ’s, McDonald’s, American Golf Association, Arizona State University, and individual donations.

    Phoenix Fantasy Flight is an IRS 501C3 designated charity (30-0388407).
    All funds and donations are managed by the Alliant Credit Union (23660312).
    No compensation has ever been paid to any Phoenix United Airlines Fantasy Flight volunteer.

    Our next Fantasy Flight is departing on December 2, 2016.

    This web site is for the Fantasy Flight held in Phoenix Arizona. If you have questions about events in other cities please contact that city directly, thank you.
    Welcome to the home of the Phoenix United Fantasy Flight! The impact that our Fantasy Flight has on the participating children, volunteers and sponsors is overwhelming and can only be appreciated by those who participate in our event every year. Our Fantasy Flight is totally self supporting and is flown by professional United Airlines flight crews and flight attendants using an overnight aircraft.  We are well organized, an official public charity and have operated successfully for seventeen years. We provide United Airlines with a positive image of community concern and involvement and we believe the Fantasy Flight concept should be endorsed and expanded to other cities.

    We welcome your support and invite you to join us for our next flight at 7:00 AM, Friday, December 2, 2016.

    A Fantasy Flight is a charitable event that usually takes place around Christmas in several United Airlines cities. Each station chooses a deserving group of children to host at the event. The children board a designated flight and depart to the “North Pole”. They return to a different gate decorated for Christmas where they meet Santa, receive gifts and refreshments.  The gift bags include toys as well as blankets, gloves, hats, toothbrushes etc.
    The first Fantasy Flight occurred in London, England in December 1991, when United Airlines donated a 727 to fly one hundred children from an orphanage to Lapland, Rovaneimi Finland for reindeer sleigh rides and a visit to “Father Christmas Village”. The success of the “Fantasy Flight” concept gradually expanded to over forty six cities, providing needy children with an experience of a lifetime.

    Phoenix operated its first flight in 1996.

    2012 Fantasy Flight 005

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